Art of employment
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Your achievements are also our success

We are one of the largest companies in the region.  We employ the best specialists in the construction industry ranging from production workers to engineers and managerial staff.  Everyone who works in the ROSA-BUD has the opportunity to participate in prestigious projects, appropriate for their position.  We give the opportunity for self-realization and fulfillment of own aspirations.

We devote for our employees a lot of attention.  They are the potential, in which we are placing high hopes for the success of each project.  They are responsible for innovative ideas, their execution and contact with customers. Together with them we create a community that works together most of the day. That is why it is worth to provide the care about relationships at work. We organize for this purpose meetings and happenings, celebrate the holidays.  We try to integrate employees at every career level, for the benefit of current relations and further cooperation.   Workers being successful at  their positions have opportunities for advancement.  Career paths develop individually in each case. You can promote in both financial and structural sector. It is the great joy for us that someone in our company stands out from the others and deserves more.

New employees are usually thrown in deep water, so they can check themselves. However, we assign them so called  supervisor. If there is a problem that they can not solve or a task which they are unable to cope with, the supervisor in the first weeks of work is there to help them. We give then time so that workers can be implemented and we strive that work in the ROSA-BUD is interesting for newbies.

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