Learning and career
Apprenticeship opens the way to a career. You too can start with us!

Learning through work - career through learning

We cooperate with universities and technical secondary schools. We have a long-term cooperation with the Building Schools in Radom.  We want to take part in the training of young professionals.  Our activities can be divided into 3 different dimensions.

Firstly, we sponsor scholarships for the best and brightest students.  We also take part in the purchase of the necessary teaching aids for the schools. We can thus enable the development of those who have limited access to work tools, while we appreciate their work towards self-fullfillment.

Also we open up new opportunities for students of technical faculties and students of secondary schools targeted for vocational training.  The courses are conducted in accordance with current curriculum, they are held in our facility, as well as in areas where we do our projects.  Qualified persons are entitled to pedagogical supervision of student practice, practical exercises and professional practices.  We provide conditions for pupils and students to carry out practical training, social services and physical security measures.   Each student is treated by us individually, we give them support and answer any questions. We appreciate the people involved in their work, and many students associate with us their prospective career.

So far, we had the pleasure to work or permanently cooperate with among others  the Building Schools in Radom, Kielce University of Technology, University of Economics in Krakow, Wroclaw University of Technology, Technical University of Radom, Academy of Mining and Metallurgy, Technical University of Lodz, Technical University of Gdańsk, Białystok Technical University, the Higher School of Engineering Organization for Security and Labour in Radom, Higher School of Commerce in Radom, the Higher Business School in Radom, Electronic school in Radom, Vocational Training Centre PROFESSION and other vocational schools in the region.

We make every effort to ensure that pupils and students compliting their practice in our facilities were well prepared for practice. With the care of each of them we have hopes and plans for possible future cooperation, that is why we want that from under wings go out professionals in their field.

The next and most important step in education is testing students.  Regional Examination Commission in Warsaw authorized ROSA BUD to organize the stage of practical examinations of professional competence. ROSA BUD as a test center provides students, whose skills are examined by Examination Commission, with the access to the necessary materials and resources needed to complete the task.  We provide opportunity to use the equipment, machinery, devices, control and measurement devices, personal protective equipment and other tools. We adjust the examining stations to the individual psychophysical needs of students and to the health and safety requirements.  We provide social facilities and medical care.

We provide social facilities and medical care.

We educate and examine the following professions: 

  • floor coverer 
  • reinforcer and a concrete mixer operator 
  • carpenter 
  • roofer 
  • bricklayer 

You are a student or disciple of a technical school and want to gain relevant experience?  
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